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Related post: Date: Thu, 27 Sep 2007 19:25:09 -0400 From: Becca Lynn Subject: Purple tiny lollita girls nude RosesThe following story contains material of a nontraditional sort. If you're too young, not interested, morally opposed, or simply shouldn't be reading this in your current location, find the back button or close your browser by simply clicking the X in the upper right hand corner. However, if you're interested in some lovely ladies loving each other, read on."God dammit Wendy! I told you not to put up the new display until Saturday morning", said Rick. Rick was a snot nose PhD, fresh out of grad school and he thought he knew everything.Wendy thought, "Great, just what can make this day better, a surprise visit from the Asshole of the Year." She said, russian lolita pee drinking "Sir, it's nearly closing time now. The display lolita child nude free will be ready for the morning rush and no one will have to see the mess we go through to put up a new display. It was a slow preteen lolita night because of the peace best preteen loli sites rally in the next town.""First, I didn't go through eight very little baby lolitas years of schooling to be called `Sir.' It's Dr. Wyman to you and everyone else around here too. Furthermore, this rally for peace hogwash is ridiculous. I can't believe so many people are against this war. It's about time we start knocking heads over there. And, when I give an order, you follow it! I demand respect around here. You got that?"Infuriated and disgusted, Wendy pearl lolitas preteens naked added the lecture to her mental list pure lolitas free preview of reasons why today sucked, and said, "Whatever" to Rick and turned around and walked back to the Employee Room. embarassed teen lolita video She clocked out and took off. The last thing she needed was another lecture from Dr. Dickhead and she didn't want to be around when he realized she had started H.I.P.P.A certification before little lolita girl peeing he wanted to. If anything, Wendy was honest and the H.I.P.P.A board required them to start tonight. "See how far your infinite wisdom got you there, Dr. Dickhead. Protocol is protocol," Wendy said as she tore down the road to her house. "You free teen lolita nn demand respect. I demand we follow the law."The drive home was uneventful and she couldn't free lolitas images jpg help but think how shitty this day had been. First, she forbidden little lolita nude was late for her shift because her professor threw a test at the class out of nowhere. She knew she didn't do so well. Then, when preteen lolita little babe she finally bbs loli ranchi russia got to work, two other people had 100 top lolita pussy called in. It was she and Sam all night. Sam was new to the store and was struggling to cope with an asshole like Mark. She was also gorgeous. She stood 5'9" and had short wispy hair that accented her beautiful angular features. Tonight, she 12 yo lolita tgp was wearing pleated black dress pants that hugged her hips and cupped her ass, not to mention the way little model young lolitas they shaped her long legs. Despite her incredible pretten lolita 7 14yo pants and toned figure, she wasn't much help at the store yet. It was so difficult to work around her. She drove Wendy's libido crazy. Every time she leaned against a counter, crossed her ankles and put her hands in her pockets, just staring into her own thoughts, it made Wendy want to send a pre teen nude lollitas torrent of kisses across her face, among other places. "Am I going to hit every freaking light in town?" she thought as she was on her way. Finally, she made it home to her house. Stopping at the bottom of her driveway, she grabbed the thick stack of mail. She flipped through the stack...bill, bill, bill, junk, hot sexy preteen lolitas junk, bill. "What's this? Oh, lolita young and naked a letter. Let's hope this is good news." Opening it up, she saw it was from an online acquaintance. Surprised to receive a letter from her, she read the letter. It said:Dearest Wendy, I hope this preteen nude lolitas galleries letter finds you well. Over the past couple of years, I've wanted to meet you in a most-pressing way. I've decided to arrive at your residence soon. In fact, I've arranged my travels so that you will have very little time to prepare for me. I want to meet you in your natural surroundings, clutter and all. I've looked forward to this day for quite some time.All my best, KateShocked, she folded the letter and put it back in its envelope. She drove up her driveway and parked her car. Getting out, she looked around and wondered when she would lolita ls dream tgp finally be meeting this woman, who up until now was semi-mysterious. Snapping out of the immediate haze, she realized how many things should be picked up and taken care of before she wanted anyone to walk in. Taking youngreal preteen lolita pussy zeps lolita bbs guide off up the stairs to her door, she was mentally listing all the tasks that needed to be done before entertaining a guest. Dishes, sweeping, very young lolita nymphos vacuuming, young lolita twins nude a little laundry, and some basic clutter extermination were just a few that came to mind. At the top of the steps, she stopped and felt her stomach flippity flop and she felt that sweet sinking feeling in her elwebbs lolita net top chest. Unlocking her lesbian loli incest hentai door, she walked into her house and was astonished to see a bouquet little lolita pantie models of purple roses and baby's breath young lolita pre love on the coffee table. Their scent adorned the room and she rushed over to read the card sticking out of the hot naked lolicon girls top of them. Her heart flipped over and the best love lolitas over as she tried to contain her welling emotions. It read: Dearest Wendy,Welcome home! Turn around...Slowly, she turned her body to see an unknown woman leaning against lolitta world free pics the wall with her right hand in her pocket. Her legs were crossed as she stood there smiling, watching her newest friend realize who she was. That shocked glazed look was replaced with a broad endearing smile. I stood from my leaning position and walked toward ls lolita vombat sun her, our eyes locked on one another. Reaching her, finally, I walked around her as she stood in place. Stopping behind her, magic lolita teen nue I drew myself close to her, wrapped my lolitas little boys virgins hands around her waist, and pulled her to me, resting my head on her shoulder and enjoying a most-erotic scent.Letting the embrace subside, I traced my hand around her body and came to a stop in front of her and I put my nude forbitten pre lolitas hands on her waist and hugged her closely, giving her one soft kiss to the neck. Pulling my lips away from her neck, I breathed, "It's nice to meet you" to her and then looked into her eyes. Giving her beautiful eyes a look that said, "Follow me," I lead her to her bedroom where several things pre cum teen lolita were waiting for us. There was, of course, her incense burner with a stick of her favorite scent smoking up the heated room. The lolita bbs lolita nymphets drawn blinds were waiting for the show to begin. The covers on shy lola lolita preteens the bed were turned down and waiting for two hot tender bodies to collapse onto them. Several candles were scattered throughout the dimly lit room. It's just enough light to sensually outline her beautiful features. Sitting her down on the edge of the bed, I kneeled in front lolita play free pics of her and looked deep into the flickering reflection the candles made in her eyes, took her hands in mine, little nymphets lolitas free and kissed each one, never breaking my gaze from her eyes. Rising slowly from my knees with her hands in mine, pushing them softly behind her head as I slowly lowered myself onto her body, grinding into her. Sliding to the side, I held her wrists, although she wasn't resisting, and I breathed slowly down her neck. lolita girls + forum I could see and feel her gasp under the sensations I was causing. With one hand, I traced her hairline starting from her forehead and on to her neck. Tracing down her arms and onto her abdomen, I pushed her shirt aside and finally touched her soft warm skin. Gently, I grazed her skin and could young preteen lolita gallery imagine the lolitas little angels mpeg goose bumps appearing rapidly all over her body. Putting my hand behind her back, I pulled her into an arch and lowered my head to her supple breasts. Just looking at preteen tiny lolita virgins them made me want her with everything I had. Lowering my warm mouth to her peaked nipples, I gently bit through the fabric and felt the immediate reaction, and heard her warm soft moan. The sweet sexy shy lolilta bbs top sound of her voice melted my heart more in person than it did on give me pink loli the phone. It was that moment that I knew she was enjoying herself.It had jailbait pic bbs lol to go. Over her head and across 15 yo sexy lolitta the room, it flew, and loli lolita paradise art there I was...lying in front of two of the most beautiful breasts I'd ever seen. I drew myself closer, kissed the protruding bone right above her breasts, and met her dazzling eyes with mine. With one hand, I reached behind her warm body and unclasped her bra, letting the elastic band come back together and sent free loliat pron pic it to join the shirt across real lolita pussy pics the room. Putting her hands on my shoulders, she young lolitas bbs pics stopped me from going any farther, and lolita lolita 10 yo took off my shirt and bra and sent them to join hers loli preteen pics naked across the room. Breast to breast and looking into her eyes, she spoke. "It's nice to meet lolita bbs post teen you, too." I smiled and reached for a remote. Clicking the button, some soft music began to play. preteen asian lolitas bbs Leaning forward into her embrace, I kissed her soft lips and lolli girl non nude sat up. Fetching two straight-backed chairs from lolita preteengirl sex 13yo the alolita top preteen cp other room, I asked Wendy to straddle one and I sat behind her and hugged her hips with my thighs. Using both hands, I lightly touched the warm skin on her collarbones and brushed down her arms with the very tips of my fingernails. In the dim light of the room, I could just barely see her shiver. I began working her skin and muscles using her sense of touch to relax her. From her shoulders to her spine and down her sides to her hips, all the way down her thighs to her knees and back.For what seemed like hours I did this...knowing full well that she was falling asleep free teenie pics lolit in my hands. Before she got too relaxed, I stopped and suggested we move back to the bed. She complied and I began the process all over again. loli top nude models best ls lolita sites Lying on her stomach, she gave me free reign of her body. preteen lolita in thong I diligently set to work, sending shivers down her spine and goose bumps all over her body. I began tensing and releasing handfuls of her skin. Tensing and squeezing ...releasing and relaxing...from her shoulders down her spine, hips, and thighs. The gentle caresses were sending wave after wave of relaxation through her. Soon after I started, I listened to her breathing get slower and deeper. I continued my relaxation therapy until I was completely certain that she was sleeping. Slowly and with as little movement as possible, I lay down beside her and draped an arm over her. In the dim light of free lolita models com her bedroom, I could barely see her chest move with her breathing. I felt so comfortable just watching and feeling her breathe in my arms. If ever new lolitas bbs sites it were possible to fall in love, these moments would be it. *********** Somehow I must have relaxed enough to fall asleep too...because I started feeling wonderful sensations. In my dreams, this beautiful woman that I lolita young natural gallery had made feel comfortable enough to fall asleep in my arms was biting and sucking on my non nudes russian lolas nipples. Oh, what a feeling! The soft sensations she was causing were radiating from my nipples throughout my body. Suddenly, I opened my eyes and realized it wasn't a dream...that she was doing exactly what I had dreamed of, biting and sucking on my erect nipples. Emitting a soft moan, causing her candid cute lolita top to look up, she whispered a sweet good morning and went back to my awaiting peaks.I so enjoyed the soft feeling of her lips on my sensitive nipples...and the thick creamy feeling flooding my pelvic area...but this trip was about her, her pleasures, lolita top list tgp her desires, and her sensuality. Softly stroking her cheek, she looked up and I moved closer to her lips xxx lolita girls pictures and felt the soft passion flowing from her mouth. My kisses followed down her neck rapidshare com lolita teen to her shoulders as my hands fondled and squeezed all over her body. Feeling every passionate and affectionate thought I'd ever felt for this beautiful woman come flooding back, I unleashed the raw sexual prowess that overcame me.I flipped over on top of her and straddled her melting midsection. Looking into her deep eyes, I pressed my lips to hers and drank in the feelings of our two bodies pressing into one, breasts to breasts, thigh to thigh, wet sex to wet sex. Kissing down her neck and making a B-line for her peaked breasts and circling her hard nipples with young sexy lolita bbs my tongue, kissing around her supple breasts and tracing between them with my nude pics of lolitas tongue, all while softly grinding our bodies together. I felt the need to pay special attention to the warm undersides of her breasts; often that area is ignored or doesn't receive enough attention. Hearing her softly moan as I bit the very tip of her right nipple was encouragement enough for preteen models lolitas nymphets me to follow the curves of her body with my hand, gentle caresses mixed in with firm scratches. Down her side, along the outside of her nudist lolita art gallery hip, grazing her knee, feeling the subtle shiver pass through her body, I knew it was time to accelerate her pleasure. Out of nowhere, I inserted a finger into her, all the way in and she gasped out of surprise and pleasure. I covered her young naked asian lolitas mouth and soft sweet lips with mine and pulled my finger out only to insert two, exploring further into nude lolita girl russian her mouth and deeper into her. Feeling her lift her hips, I'd bring my thumb between her lips, caressing the softest skin on the human body.Rhythmically, it began. I inserted two homemade lolita almost nude fingers and let my thumb massage her hard protruding clit, all while kissing and sucking and biting on the silky soft skin that nude lolita girl teens surrounds her rock hard nipples. Feeling her lift her hips, my hand became wetter with each thrust into her, deeper and deeper with each passing moment. Feeling her tighten and loosen with illegal lolita porn russia each lift of her hips only heightened my own arousal as I moaned onto her breasts, apparently increasing her level of arousal. Feeling her on the brink of orgasm, I pulled my two nymphet lolita models xxx fingers out of her one last time and concentrated on non nude young lolas her bulging pulsing clit. Once again, I felt her body tense under the sensations I was causing. This time, I rapidly inserted three already dripping fingers into her and vigorously brought her body to the heights of orgasm...wave after wave of pulsing sexual relief came over her until finally she relaxed and I laid beside her teens prelolitas porn pics again.Our bodies blended together as I pulled the covers over us and draped my arm over her and pulled her close. I heard a whispered "Thank you" and I snuggled closer to child top models loloitas her and kissed her shoulder. dark lolita paysite list As quietly as preteen nymph lolita toplist she had, I whispered, "You're most welcome." Holding her in my arms, I could feel the slow rhythmic rise and fall of her chest, as her breathing got slower and deeper. Glancing around the room, I chuckled silently at what I underage prelolitas porn pics preteen loloita nipples bbs saw...smoke from lolitas underage pussy com the incense filled the air and the candles I had lit bear hug fuck lolitas glowed off in the corners of the russian preteen lolita underpants room. The soft pale light of the moon shone in through the mostly closed blinds and lay across our knees. Wendy's breathing had slowed and deepened and I was sure she was sleeping. I lay lolita russian sex sex awake for a while, holding her, feeling her close, and enjoying it. Wendy stirred in little lolita preteen gallaries my arms and turned to face 12 yo lolitas hardcore me in her sleep, putting her arm over lolita nude model paysites me. She snuggled closer to me and our bodies entwined in a jumble of body parts. I watched her sleep and then surrendered to my own young black lolita models desires to sleep. Before I did, I looked at the sweet sleeping face in front of me and whispered in a nearly inaudible voice, "I love you."I welcome any and all comments you may have and I hope you enjoyed the story. Contact me at
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